Humanities 101: Language, Identity, & Belonging

At an institutional level, Humanities 101 is about two things: writing and values. The first is the doing of the course, what we will practice and cultivate over fourteen weeks together. We’ll explore a variety of writing styles and formats, develop analytical lenses for thinking and talking about writing, and we’ll tone our writerly muscles by doing a lot of writing. Values, on the other hand, are the thinking of the course, how we will shape our approach to writing. The course content for all of the many sections of HUM 101 you could have selected is shaped by the interests (i.e. values) of the professor teaching the class.

“Language, Identity, and Belonging” focuses explicitly on language (which is handy for a writing class) and how the way we talk about people/places/things shapes us as both individuals and a society. We’ll be reading and talking and writing a lot about language, beliefs, and how these things relate to our senses of self and to our relationship with others.