More than anything else, I enjoy helping people articulate their own ideas in writing. Most people have good ideas for things to write about, but unless they’re writers, most folks also find it excruciating to sit down and try to write those ideas out in a coherent way. I want to alleviate that pain for you.

As many of my clients can attest, I’m great at asking questions, synthesizing your ideas, and retaining your voice and tone. As your ghostwriter, I can take a ten to fifteen minute phone call and turn it into a polished, engaging blog post or newsletter that sounds like it’s coming directly from you. (That’s what makes this ghostwriting instead of just, well, writing). 

Generating consistent, relevant content will help with your SEO and keep your customers or clients engaged. I specialize in ghostwriting blog posts and email newsletters on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, and I’ve also worked on larger scale projects such as webinar workbooks and online courses. 

If you have an idea for a piece of content you want to share with your email list, or if you want help generating a larger project, I would love to chat!

Pricing varies depending on project length and complexity. However, I charge the following for ongoing projects (pricing based on a monthly fee schedule):

Email newsletter: $125

Single blog post: $250

Blog post + email newsletter: $300

Bi-weekly blog + newsletter: $500