Given my undying love of words and my similarly deep-rooted love of baking and travel, I've also written about those things - for the sheer joy of doing so. And to make my mom happy. Maybe someday I'll decide to become entrepreneurial about my blogs, but in the meantime, they're just for funsies.

My baking blog, The Shameless Procrasti-baker, was born my first year as an Assistant Professor. The constant baking started when I was maybe 13. But after grad school, and after leaving Austin, I needed an outlet for all my pent up writing-needs. So I started writing about the thing that I was already doing all the time. 

In terms of travel writing, my work has been a bit more scattered. I've reflected on my personal adventures on a blog I titled CATEclysmic Endeavors, and in recent years I've been using that as a venue to cross-post my writing about traveling with students - A Professor Abroad

I also have a Tumblr rolling around somewhere, but y'all don't need to see that...