As Director of Digital Pedagogy at Wofford, I work with my colleagues to explore how digital technologies can enhance their pedagogical practices. Beyond individual consultations, I host periodic workshops on technology and pedagogy, and through a collaboration with the library, I formed the Digital Liberal Arts Collaborative at Wofford. Additionally, I coordinate special events for the Center for Innovation and Learning, including speaker series, reading groups, and faculty learning communities. I also manage the CIL's website and marketing needs. In terms of administrative collaboration, I work with our instructional technology staff to assess campus needs and serve on committees tasked with shaping general education reform. I also built a series of video tutorials to support faculty and students in Wofford's cross-campus ePortfolio initiative.

At the University of Texas, I filled a number of service and administrative roles, both in the Digital Writing and Research Lab and the Department of Rhetoric and Writing. As an Assistant Director in the Digital Writing and Research Lab (2012-2014), I shaped policy, coordinated and mentored other graduate student instructors, managed the Lab’s research project groups, and designed and presented workshops on pedagogy and technology. In addition, I organized and ran annual instructor orientations and speaker events. I participated in long-term planning and budgeting for the Lab, as well as day-to-day operations such as scheduling, managing inventory, hardware and software testing, and web development and maintenance.