Community Definitional Reflection

As a springboard to the other major writing assignments of the semester, this project asks you to reflect on several communities to which you belong. In 2-3 pages (single-spaced), you’ll write about 3-5 of the communities or groups that you might want to focus on in later projects.

This is a fairly simple, reflective project, where you offer a personal definition of what it means to be, for example, a sorority sister or football player, and then reflect on your relationship to that group/community. So, first define the group/community, then explain your relationship to it.

When thinking about your communities/groups, you might want think of this in very broad terms (e.g. what it means to be a man or woman), or you might want to focus more narrowly (e.g. what it means to be a freshman at Wofford, or to be from your particular home town or neighborhood). You’ll eventually settle on one of these communities/groups to write about more extensively, but this is meant to be an exploratory assignment that will both record your baseline impressions (to return to later) and help you get a sense of what you’ll be most interested in writing about.

This is not an essay, per se, but it should be somewhat formulaic. You’ll provide a heading that names the group, a paragraph or two defining the group (as you currently understand it), and then a paragraph or two reflecting on your particular relationship to that group/community/identity category.

Here’s a very abbreviated example of what that might look like (your entries should be two to three times as long as this one and not indented):

Long Distance Runner

Long distance runners are a little bit crazy. You’d have to be to want to spend that much time doing something so monotonous. People can be “runners” without being long distance runners, but it isn’t just the distance that makes the difference. It’s a mindset. Long distance running is about commitment and endurance, not a quick work out or rush of satisfaction at being super-fast (though some folks certainly are).

I came to running pretty late in life, so I always feel kind of half in, half out of this group. I’m not as hard core about running as most people in my running group are, probably because I’m fairly slow and not terribly competitive in this department. Even though I don’t necessarily always feel like a part of the group, long distance running has definitely become a big part of who I am. When I injured myself last spring and had to quit running for a while, I lost a piece of myself and felt really adrift.

To meet the contract expectations, this paper must:

  • Be 2-3 pages, single-spaced, no larger than 12 point font and 1-inch margins.
    • Double check your margins, Word defaults to 1.25”.
    • Make sure you get to the bottom of page two, but really, get yourself onto page three to be safe.
  • Discuss 3-5 different communities to which you belong.
  • Use appropriate paragraphing, grammar, and spelling; be free of egregious typos.
    • This is a major assignment and should be proofread before submission. I always recommend reading papers aloud before turning them in.
  • Be uploaded to Pathbrite by the start of class on the due date.