Brand Identity

It’s vital to be consistent in your messaging to your clients and customers, but this is incredibly hard if you don’t have a clear sense of who you are (as an entrepreneur or a company) and what value you have to offer your clientele. I can help you with that.

Whether you’re fairly established or just starting out, I’ll walk you through a series of questions to help clarify your company’s values, objectives, and selling points. We’ll then turn your ideas into a brand identity document that will serve as your company’s north star — ensuring consistency in your communications and clarity around your mission. The materials we’ll generate can then be used on your company “About” page, and it will also include key elements such as major talking points, important brand messaging, a supplementary materials such as speaker one-sheets or descriptions of services.

Pricing varies depending on project length and complexity, and I would love to chat with you about your company’s specific needs. However, here are some baseline figures:

Brand identity interview and basic “who we are" and "what we do” statements (approximately 2 pages): $400

Brand identity interview and basic brand content guide (approximately 5-6 pages): $550

Brand identity interview and extensive content guide (7-12 pages): $700-$800